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Berry Sweet Stamps

An Old-School Strawberry Shortcake Stamping Community

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

What is it that makes you so berry special? Is it because you're spunky like Strawberry Shortcake, shy but sweet like Blueberry Muffin, pretty and outgoing like Lemon Meringue? Let's find out for sure! All you have to do is, read the rules, join the community and post your application Does that sound berry easy to you?

Laws of Strawberryland:

2. Play nicely! Strawberryland is a happy place!
3. Take time to taste the strawberries! We worked extra hard to get them plump and juicy!
4. No off-topic posts.
5. No smoking or flaming (even in Porcupine Peak)!
6. Please put all long posts under lj cut.
7. If you are uncertain of the appropriateness of a post, contact the mod.
8. Feel free to ask for anything from your mod, ainohimeliz or leave a suggestion with the Strawberryland Chamber of Commerce This community is about creativity and fun, so if you're not having fun, let us know so we can fix that!
9. You don't have to talk berry-talk here...it's only an option.
10. Yes, this community focuses on the old-school version of Strawberry Shortcake, but you are not forbidden from discussing the new version.


Voting Guildlines:

1. To prove you have read the rules, please write "Life's the Berries" somewhere in your application. It doesn't have to be part of the title or the lj-cut title, but if it appears anywhere else, please bold it because your mod can be a little short-sighted sometimes.
2. Before before posting your own application, please vote on all the people who need votes. You can find them here.
3. Please do not post any photos of yourself until you have been stamped.
4. Even if you aren't stamped you may still participate in the on-going garden party.
5. You cannot be stamped as a pet or a berrykin.
6. Please bold all of your votes.
7. If you see two different characters in one person than you may vote for both of them, but no more than 2.
8. You don't need to be stamped to vote; just a member.
9. No one shall EVER accuse anyone else of character pushing! (Sorry, mod's pet peeve and it promotes dis-trust!) You must accept that there are people out there who, ironically, are berry much like a particular character. Let's stick to our honor/respect system!
10. After you have recieved five votes (or when your lazy mod gets around to it) you will be stamped.
11. If you need help deciding who to vote for check out the Character Guide.
12. If you are unsatisfied with your stamp, you may reapply if you wish, but please wait 3 weeks before doing so.
13. Remember that the characters you're voting on are the old-school 80s versions, which are berry different from the new-school. Knowing the characters as they are presented in the new school will not help you when you are voting.
14. Check out our Stamped Members List!

Possible characters to be stamped as:

Strawberry ShortcakeBlueberry MuffinRaspberry Tart
Almond TeaAngel CakeCreps Suzette
Cherry CuddlerApple Dumplin'Apricot
Butter CookieLemon MeringueLime Chiffon
Orange BlossomCafe OleHuckyberry Pie
Mint TulipPlum Puddin'T. N. Honey
Peach BlushBanana TwirlBaby Needs-A-Name
Lem n' Ada
The Purple Pie ManSour Grapes


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Want to affiliate with us? Just ask the Strawberryland Chamber of Commerce! We rarely say turn down requests because we strongly feel the more the berrier!

The berry special layout has come fresh baked from the livejournal kitchen of little_nimue(Strawberry Shortcake). Thank you so berry much! Love, ainohimeliz(Angel Cake)